Ana Carolina - CEO

“Dear reader, we present our Social Balance Sheet for 2020. Looking at past year makes us sure that no circumstance or external obstacle is able to paralyze us. We faced important challenges that significantly marked Copag da Amazônia S/A before market and society.”

Ana Carolina Corte Real Gonçalves CEO

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New normal

The new normal is, in fact, a proposal for a new behavior standard. It shows that a new way of living is possible, and that we are not in control of everything. Copag went and is still going through this process of change, and then we asked ourselves: What has changed in our work?

Not only did we change the logo, but also our identity, from the colors to the way we talk to people.
From then on, we showed that we were different, with more attitude, more swing, and a lot more bluff! Gradually, this new way helped us to show that Copag is a deck, yes, but it is also a board, toy, children’s games, dice, pawns, +4… TRUCO!

Our People

At Copag, we see people as our greatest asset.

For us, they are essential elements that promote implementation of strategies and act as protagonists, bringing sustainable competitive advantage and life to processes. Meet Our Practices with People
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With a sense of mission accomplished, we closed our
Social Balance 2020. Download the Social Balance
We thank everyone who have been with us this far and made all this possible. Now, back to the game, because the 2021 data is already rolling. See you soon!