José Luiz Giorgi Pagliari

Chemical engineer and amateur magician, having acquired a taste for playing cards in the afternoon on the beach. In 1973, after reading the book "Collecting Playing Cards" by Sylvia Mann, he became a member of what was The Playing Card Society, now the International Playing Card Society (IPCS), afterwards becoming a member of the Asociación Española de Colecionismo e Investigación del Naipe (ASESCOIN), 52 Plus Joker and TALON Österreich-Ungarischer Spielkartenverein.

He published the article “Playing Cards in Brazil - An Introduction” in the IPCS magazine, updating the content in a lecture at the IPCS/ASESCOIN Convention in Lisbon in 2010, and at the COPAG Sales Convention two years later. He collaborated with Priscila Farias on the chapter "COPAG decks between 1920 and 1960", for the book "Brazilian Design before Design."

As a collector, he exhibits parts of the collection in the Brazilian British Centre, the Porto Alegre Santander Cultural Center and the Paulistano Athletico Club.

Cláudio Décourt

A naval engineer by training and profession, he has always been passionate about these little illustrated objects we know as playing cards. Collector and scholar of the subject for more than 40 years, he was world president of the International Playing Card Society (IPCS) from 2004 to 2008. Headquartered in England, this organization brings together playing card collectors and scholars from around the world, and is one of the most scholarly organizations in terms of its treatment of the subject. His studies include a classification of the most popular deck in the world (the "international" standard), winner of the "Silvia Mann" award, at the IPCS international congress, in London, 2003: “On the Origin of Styles: the Evolution of the English Pattern”.

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