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Custom Cards

Enhance the image of your product or service in a unique way! By promoting your brand with playing cards, you can be sure that your message will impact lots of people in a fun and creative way while enjoying time among friends and family.

When choosing a deck to promote your product, you can be sure that your company message will impact lots of people in a fun and creative way. And since playing cards last a long time, they become a permanent advertisement in people s lives.

Choose from a traditional deck or collectible cards, a sophisticated package or an economical product, or perhaps a creative game for children or a game specially developed for your product or company. Whatever the approach, you can be sure to enhance the image of your company in a unique way.

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Clique nos ícones abaixo e veja as formas que você pode customizar o seu baralho.

Front and Back

Printing process in OFFSET (4 colors CMYK) in high quality. Every game we manufacture meets our total specialized attention.

Opções de Frente
  • 1

    Conventional with yellow background

  • 2

    Large suit with yellow background

  • 3

    Large suit with white background

  • 4

    Conventional with white background

  • 5


  • 6


  • 7


Opções de Frente Personalizadas para Baralhos Frentes personalizadas para Baralhos
Opções de Frente Personalizadas para Jogos Infantis Frentes personalizadas para Jogos Infantis

Material, Formato e Tamanho

The material determines the use, quality and longevity of cards. It can make all the difference. Do you need assistance? Our team of consultants can show you the difference.

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  • Type of material


  • Standard coated paper

    270 g/m²

  • 139 coated paper

    290 g/m²

  • Coated Paper

    275 g/m²

  • Standard PVC

    100% plastic


Formatos Copag

Card decks are available in all shapes and sizes to better match your product and strategy. Copag is unique in providing the appropriate solution for your campaign, with the finest quality.


Tamanhos Copag

The sizes of cards ranges from mini to extra-giant size, with the standard sizes for Poker and Bridge in between.


Are you looking for alternative packaging? Everything is possible in Copag, from simple cellophane packaging to something more exclusive.

  • Embalagem


  • Embalagem


  • Embalagem


  • Embalagem


  • Embalagem


  • Embalagem


  • Embalagem


  • Embalagem



With Copag, the possibilities are endless.
Games are an excellent tool for the education and development of your new customers.

  • Jogos


  • Jogos


  • Jogos


  • Jogos


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Special Cards

Are you looking for something that attracts attention and stands out from other products in the market? We can provide a number of special effects. Why not put something special in your cards? Copag develops unique giveaways in the form of special concept cards.

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  • Cartas Especiais


  • Cartas Especiais


  • Cartas Especiais


  • Cartas Especiais


  • Cartas Especiais


  • Cartas Especiais


  • Cartas Especiais


  • Cartas Especiais



Copag’s internal team develops apps for Android and iOS that interact with the card games, bringing more dynamism to the traditional game.
The apps may contain resources that complement the card game:

Digital Figurines: a technology that allows to transport the image of the letters to the application, creating characters, exploring environment, among others...

Augmented Reality: A unique experience in technology used to unite the real world with the virtual through a card game, where the figures seem to come to life.

Image Recognition: from a photo taken in the application itself, allows you to use attributes and items that appear on the cards of a game to create a new fun image.


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OBS: Minimum production quantity: 1000 units***


In partnership with Petrobras, one of the sponsors of the movie "Speed ​​Racer", Copag developed a campaign in petrol stations. The deck included, in addition to the race cars the movie, cars racing Petrobras and race tracks. In total, 24 letters were distributed in 4 different flowpacks, being launched a new one every ten days. The final deck also included a refined box to save the entire deck.

Loyalty program - custom deck

Campaign carried out at all Cinemark movie theaters. By purchasing a M&M’s combo for any movie session, the client would win a M&M’s custom deck of playing cards.

Incentive campaign - Game "Turbo Equipe de Corridas"

By purchasing a combo, the client would win a card game.

Incentive campaign - Card game by Toddynho

For every purchase of R$12,99 in Toddynho products, the client would automatically win a card game to play with the family and collect. There were 4 games.

Loyalty program - "Play-doh"Game

A campaign aimed at certain selling spots. When buying any Hasbro product, the client would win a card game by Hasbro.

Incentive campaign - Custom deck

When buying the liquid mouthwash Colgate Plax, a customized deck of playing cards comes along.

Loyalty program - Custom deck

Distribution of a PREMIUM KIT do VIP clients, with a 100% plastic playing cards in a double steel box.

Loyalty program - Custom deck

A campaign aimed at certain selling spots and subscribers. Playboy customized deck of cards along with the current edition.

Campanha de positivação - Baralho personalizado

Na compra de uma camiseta da coleção, ganhe um baralho personalizado.

Os baralhos foram produzidos em duas versões: Estojo Duplo Acrílico e Caixinha Unitária Impressa Triplex.

Campanha de incentivo - Jogo de cartas

Na compra de duas latas de 800g do leite Milnutri, ganhe uma o jogo de cartas para seu lho brincar e colecionar.

Mecânica: Quebra Cabeça e Jogo da Memória.

Jogo de cartas

Em parceria Copag + Disney, foi desenvolvido um jogo de cartas exclusivo para Lojas C&A vinculado ao lançamentodo filme Spider Man Homecoming.

Mecânica: Jogo Batalha de Heróis Spider Man.

Baralho Personalizado 100% Plástico

Promoção vinculada para varejistas selecionados.

O baralho foi atrelado a um Pack Promocional que junto vinha uma garrafa do Whisky Gentleman Jack.

Campanha dia dos pais - Baralho personalizado

Promoção vinculada ao dia dos pais. O cliente recebia uma mala direta com um singelo convite para visitar qualquer das lojas da rede, e retirar um baralho personalizado.

Campanha de incentivo - Baralho personalizado Gillette Prestobarba 3

O baralho foi atrelado a um pack promocional que junto vinha 04 unidades de Prestobarba 3.

Campanha de fidelidade - Baralho personalizado

Na compra de uma determinada quantia em produtos na loja, o cliente ganhava dois decks de baralhos personalizados Drogarias Pacheco, com duas artes diferentes.

Campanha de Páscoa - Jogo “Transfomers 3 em 1” (Licença Hasbro/Transformers)

Na compra de um ovo de páscoa Transformers de 200g chocolate ao leite, junto à embalagem vinha um jogo de cards Transformes 3 em 1.

Mecânicas: Baralho Infantil, Rouba-Monte e Jogo da Memória.

ISO 9001

Copag has established, documented and kept a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 since July 1996. All of it taking into account our commitment to total quality, and to consistently meet expectations of all customers in terms of product, delivery and services. Our processes eliminate waste, minimize costs and increase the production efficiency by adding value to the product requested by the customer, resulting in satisfaction.

We were the first manufacturer of card decks in the world to get the ISO 9001 certificate, which opened doors for us to tread our way overseas.

ISO 14001

We're committed to Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection, and we have been ISO 14001 certified since December 2006. Our goals include preventing pollution, reducing impact on the environment and complying with applicable legislation.

Copag is committed to reconciling the balanced development of business with the constraints imposed by nature. We’re always looking to guarantee balance and environmental protection, preventing pollution and all potential problems that it could bring to our society.

SA 8000

The Social Responsibility Management System (SA 8000) has been a part of Copag since January 2009 and aims to promote the continuous improvement of relations and working environment conditions.

Every year, Copag looks to strengthen Social Responsibility Management, focusing on improving internal processes and developing solutions to the media’s concerns, whether internal or external.


Copag, always seeking innovation towards a more sustainable future, acquired the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification in May 2016, which belongs to an international organization that establishes standards for certification of forest products.

The FSC® is today a recognized green seal worldwide, with presence in over 75 countries and all continents. It is applied to companies which buy or sell products of forest origin, thus guaranteeing a complete control in the processes of their products, from the certified forest to the final product.

Click here and learn more about the FSC®.


COPAG strictly follows the criteria for the "Toy Conformity Evaluation” with focus on safety, through the compulsory certification mechanism, meeting INMETRO regulations requirements and Mercosur standards, in order to minimize the possibility of endangering the health and physical integrity of children.

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