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Copag Digital

Known for producing high quality card games, Copag keeps up with the latest innovations of the modern era and is now building an interactive base.

Copag Digital thinks of all the possibilities for interaction that a game can provide. This ranges from being creative with traditional games (such as a special card that lets you use it as a racket in a game of ping pong) to creating complete applications and games for various platforms.

Whether on paper, or on screen, Copag knows how to provide all manner of audiences with the most entertaining games.

Online games

For some years now, Copag has offered various Copaguinho games online. The games are fun and challenging and stimulate motor coordination, memory, playful activity, and much more. It s no wonder the games have been such a great success with children and have been recognized in important industry awards.


Our mascot also stars in a fun space game for tablets: Copaguinho in Space is a solid and polished game that stands out for its innovative and entertaining gameplay. Perfect for kids, the game was awarded a bronze medal in the 2013 Comkids Awards.

And there is much more to come: more mobile games will be released soon!

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Now the fun has no limits: meet other players near you, create your own events, mobilize your friends and let their games even more fun with Cartópolis. Try it!

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